The Shambhala Trust is an expression of enlightened society. We are a community that explores and cultivates the heartfelt practice of generosity. Our intention is to identify, mentor and fund innovative and strategic projects that advance the Shambhala vision of awakened society.

The Trust supported our expansion, so that more young students can discover what their ancestors knew and also what the Vidyadhara knew about the power of the Maritime world.

Crane Stookey, Founder, Nova Scotia Sea School

The list below are projects in Shambhala that are currently being funded by the Trust. We invite you to join us in building Shambhala by donating to the projects that inspire you.

Current Projects

Ratna Foundation: Veteran's Peace of Mind
(2014) The purpose is to establish secular mindfulness groups in prisons where there are inmates with enough meditation experience to facilitate such groups on a weekly basis. read more

Goal: $6,127 Funded: $6,127



The Reciprocity Foundation, Inc.
(2014) To host an inaugural “Week of Mindfulness” in New York City for vulnerable and homeless youth to practice meditation. read more

Goal: $10,000 Funded: $10,000



Video Archive of Kanjuro Shibata XX, Sensei’s Teachings
(2014) To help ensure the preservation and propagation of Shibata Sensei’s teachings on kyudo and many other aspects of enlightened warriorship training. read more

Goal: $3,964 Funded: $3,964



Shambhala Media
(2014) The goal of the Video Digitization and Storage Project 2014-15 is to complete the digitization of several major collections of teachings and other video records in the Shambhala Archives so that they are easily accessible. read more

Goal: $6,535 Funded: $6,535



Working closely with the Minneapolis community, the Trust gave $14,715 toward the purchase of a building as a permanent home. read more

Generosity is a willingness to give, to open without philosophical or pious or religious motives, just simply doing what is required at any moment in any situation, not being afraid to receive anything.

Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche

We have to shift our attitude so that giving is a joy, something we want to do. When we find something we want to do, we always find ways of paying for it, we always find the money.

Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche